Erica Taylor is a third year Graphic Communication student concentrating in Design Reproduction Technology and minoring in Packaging. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Erica came to Cal Poly because the Graphic Communication major combined her love of graphic design with her desire to obtain technical and managerial skills. As President, she facilitated meetings, created a timeline for the journal and set team deadlines, and coordinated with administrators and professors. As a member of TAGA since freshman year, she is proud to represent Cal Poly as TAGA President. The experience has provided her with valuable leadership, responsibility, and time management skills she will take into her future career. She is proud of the challenges the team overcame and the creative boundaries that were pushed this year. Above all, she is thankful for the incredible opportunity, and for such an inspiring team to work with.
Vice President
Aileen Vasquez is a third year Graphic Communication major at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and is concentrating in Design Reproduction Technology and minoring in Psychology. She chose GrC because through the help of leadership programs in high school she became involved with planning school-wide events and fell in love with the world of graphic communication. She aspires to work in advertising and to create ads of all kinds of media, from print to digital. She is from a small town called Seaside, located in the Monterey Bay of California. In her hometown, she enjoys taking walks on the beach with her dog and taking advantage of all the beautiful coastal trails nearby. Since she has moved to the warmer climate of San Luis Obispo, she loves to explore the mountain trails with friends. As the Vice President, her roles include handling internal affairs, managing funds, and overseeing the journal creation process. Aileen is excited to share all of her team’s hard work with this year’s journal.
Research Coordinator
Luis Coreas is a third year Graphic Communication major with a concentration in Design Reproduction Technology. He comes from North Hollywood California but enjoys the calmer life of San Luis Obispo and has been a part of TAGA for three years now. As the current current Research Coordinator, Luis has been working with professors and students around the Graphic Communication Department to gather student research papers for the TAGA journal. Some activities he enjoys doing in his free time include hiking around San Luis Obispo, skateboarding in nearby parks, or simply hanging around with friends. The time he spent with the TAGA team and the professors have been delightful and looks forward to everyone enjoying the journal when it debuts at the 2020 conference in Oklahoma.
Marketing Coordinator
Alice Ish is a third year Graphic Communication major concentrating in Design Reproduction Technology with a minor in Packaging. She is from Seattle, Washington, but was drawn to Cal Poly and California for the sun and this amazing program. She also enjoys being a lab assistant for the offset printing technology class, where she gets to assist in running a Heidelberg CD74. Her favorite thing about her classes is the hands-on creative work she gets to do every week. With these experiences, she hopes to pursue a career in the packaging design industry. In her free time Alice enjoys hiking and going to the beach with friends. As Marketing Coordinator in TAGA and as a TAGA Student Ambassador, she leads a team responsible for fundraising and maintaining the club’s social media. Alice’s favorite parts of TAGA are getting to see different club members’ ideas come together, getting to work with a team and help members develop their design and leadership skills.
Art Director
William Olson is a 5th year Graphic Communication Major concentrating in Design Reproduction Technology. He is from Hillsborough, California in the San Francisco Bay Area and was drawn to Cal Poly for its strong academic pedigree, amazing weather, and optimal distance from home. William has worked in nearly all areas of the design industry; from print to digital to environmental, with his most recent position being a product design intern at Carta. As design director he was responsible for coming up with and implementing the overall aesthetic direction of this year’s journal and accompanying materials. William’s favorite part of TAGA is being able to see such a large project through until the end.
Digital Director
Bailey Yuen is from Moraga, California and is a fourth year Graphic Communication major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She chose to major in GrC because of her love of digital design, brand development and marketing. She is concentrating in Design Reproduction Technology and minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications in hopes to be a graphic artist or production designer, either in house or at an agency. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and exploring all that San Luis Obispo has to offer. In her role as Digital Lead, Bailey has learned valuable skills such as time management, team leading and being a team player. She is proud of her team’s accomplishments and how the team was able to produce the entire journal and collateral on campus with just the help of our peers and faculty.
Production Coordinator
Christine Peters is from Mountain View, California. She is a Graphic Communication major with a concentration in Design Reproduction Technology. Last year she worked at University Graphic Systems, a student-run print company within the Graphic Communication Department, as the Specialty Project Manager. After graduation, Christine hopes to pursue a career in packaging or magazine design. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach with friends, painting and spending time in the outdoors. On the TAGA Executive Board, Christine served as the Production Project Manager and was responsible for overseeing and scheduling production runs as well as designing  packaging for the journal. Christine’s favorite part of being involved in TAGA this year was getting to see the journal design go from theoretical to physical and developing real-world industry experience.
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